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Premium Data Providers

numberGo Publisher

NumberGo Publisher – Is the ideal tool for Product Managers and Consultants to add value to premium data sets. Publisher provides the ability to easily import from databases and place all the data required to create reports into a tightly bound Portable Calculation/Chart File (pcf file). Then using drag and drop and a few clicks of the mouse create value from the data. Numerous Worksheets and Layouts can be stored within the same document and are organized efficiently using a three-tier tree structure. Premium Data Providers can create updateable reports and dashboards with multiple Layouts contained in a single, concise numberGo document. Worksheets are kept up-to-date by simply clicking a Refresh button which replays your original data imports. The Layouts’ Pivot Tables and Charts immediately reflect the refreshed data.

numberGo Reader

NumberGo Reader – Is a custom-branded platform for your clients to view your value-added premium data files. Reader gives your clients the ability to view and to add further value by creating additional Layouts specific to their business. Reader has all the capabilities of Publisher without the capability to add and comingle proprietary data or data from other published sources. But updating the data is still a simple mouse click away. Users can create new Charts, add comments, pivot, and slice and dice to create business-specific Layouts of your data.