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Go one step beyond


You’ve just received a numberGo file from your premium data provider. The Pivot Table is stuffed with great data, the Charts illuminate the facts brilliantly, and the Annotation provides insightful (and witty) commentary on the state of play in the market you are trading today. But wait. You know something the market doesn’t know. And you need to season the dataset with your own special blend of magic.

No problem. Using numberGo Publisher’s Virtual Books, you can import your proprietary datasets and join them to the data that’s coming from your data provider. So you will be analyzing a composite of their data and your data. And that means you’ll be privy to insights that are available to no one else in the marketplace.

And the best part is you don’t need a database. You don’t need to play around with Lookup statements in Excel. You don’t need to buy a copy of Visual Basic for Dummies. You just need to drag your datasets together in numberGo.

Once you’ve set up the rules in numberGo, you can hit the Refresh button and everything gets updated – your data provider’s dataset and data from your linked spreadsheets (and from your in-house database, if that’s how you roll).