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Business Intelligence

NumberGo Publisher is simply the most accessible solution for analyzing and sharing data without the need for a server. Our Business Intelligence (BI) tool has the combined power of a Pivot Table and our unique Charts. NumberGo Publisher allows you to quickly and easily visualize your data from a broad overview down to the smallest detail with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Drag-and-Drop Report Design: Using numberGo’s intuitive Pivot Table, reports are dynamically and instantly configured with automatic roll ups and drop-down filters. Our BI tool allows anybody to slice and dice the data with almost no training.

One-Click Dynamic Charts: Charts are dynamically created with a simple click of the mouse. Watch your data come alive as your Charts visually describe and follow the slices and roll ups of your multi-dimensional data with “MRI-style” logic and presentation.

Date Analysis: Focus on a date Field and immediately analyze your data by week, quarter, month, or year. Or see what happens on Tuesdays. Or the first day of every month. Our date grouping abilities are endless.

Calculated Fields: Use a powerful Expression language to create new Fields based on the values of other Fields.

Accessibility via the Importer: Nobody likes to enter data, especially data that is already stored electronically. So numberGo Publisher offers an extremely simple interface to fetch and store data from any Excel spreadsheet, HTML or XML file, or delimited text file. NumberGo Publisher also features direct importing from tables or views stored in Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases using native client software or to any database which supports an ODBC connection, such as Access, MySQL, or IBM DB2.