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Charting is a single click away


Looking for answers in a sea of data? Charts are oftentimes the only way to find these answers and reveal gems of insight that can be very difficult to find in tables of multi-dimensional data. NumberGo’s dynamic Charts provide you with a powerful tool to visually navigate across and along each dimension of your data sets. It’s like running a CAT scan on your data.


Like numberGo’s Pivot Table, there is no unnecessary setup: Charts are automatically created with a single click of the mouse. Our unique logic finds the right Chart to show for each Layout of the Pivot Table. Slice your Pivot Table by dragging and dropping a Field and your Charts automatically re-configure to reflect the new Layout of your data. Filter out a few values to zoom-in on some characteristics and your Charts immediately cull out the chaff and allow you to focus on the important stuff.

Hover your mouse over a data point in a Chart and you get an instant tooltip with all the information that makes up that data point. Click the data point and the cell in the Pivot Table is highlighted.


Trend (Line) Charts, Area Charts, Scatter Plots, Bars, and Pies. All these types of charts (and a few more) are easily and economically configured, enlarged, magnified and exported with a few clicks. Apply numberGo Publisher to your data and see how simple it is to achieve dynamic visualization literally within minutes.