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The Business Intelligence tool

that could quickly and easily help you make the best decisions possible


Our business intelligence tools help you reveal hidden patterns in reams of data. Transform your data into a multi-dimensional Pivot Table, allowing quick sorting, filtering, and presentation. Slice, Dice, Roll-Up and Drill down through your data via mouse clicks, drags, and drops. Summarize your data using rollups, without having to designate ranges in a spreadsheet.


Visualize your data with multi-dimensional Charts. Intelligent charting picks the right set of Charts for each interactive Layout. Our easy-to-use business intelligence tool makes Trend (Line) Charts, Area Charts, Scatter Plots, Bars, and Pies effortlessly. Drive your charts by clicks, drags, and drops in the Pivot Table - and your Charts automatically stay in sync.


Clear "custom" report clutter and static dashboards. The numberGo business intelligence tool consolidates your numerous reports within a concise, dynamic document. Describe each Layout using Annotations. And store many Layouts of your data, and sets of Charts within a single document.


NumberGo Publisher lets you create custom data sets by bringing together your own proprietary data and published data sets.