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Pivot Table

Slice, Dice, Roll-Up and Drill down


How do volumes compare across months, weeks, or quarters? What refined products sell at discounts in November? When you have the detailed data, the answers to these questions typically involve numerous gyrations of spreadsheet formulae or database SQL queries. Using the Pivot Table in numberGo delivers these answers and many more with a few clicks of the mouse.

NumberGo’s Pivot Table offers an intuitive and hassle-free experience for novice users. There is no setup required. Just import your data using the powerful Import Wizard and instantly find answers to your questions (and those not yet asked!)


  • # Drag and Drop Fields to perform the pivot
  • # Quick filtering or Expression filtering of Field values
  • # Many Rollup types (Sum, Average, Min, Max, Count, Error, Standard Deviation, Variance, Weighted Average and more)
  • # Display single or multiple rollups at the same time
  • # Automatically display running variations along values in Rows or Columns
  • # Sort values simply, or based on custom rules or the value of another Fields
  • # Custom formats for values and rollups
  • # Top n functionality to easily locate the top 10, 20, 30, etc. percent
  • # Conditional highlighting of Fields
  • # Plus many more easy-to-use features

Once your data is pivoted the way you want, you can create a complete set of Charts for a priceless visual representation of your data. And it only takes one click.

Create an alternate Pivot Table with a different set of Charts and save it as an additional Layout of your data. Add as many Layouts as you need.

Contact us today. NumberGo is the most accessible and cost-effective way to apply powerful data mining capabilities to ad hoc or structured data.