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Tell it how it is


Most solutions such as spreadsheets, canned reports, and dashboards quickly turn into problems whenever changes are required. And we all know that changes ARE required. Canned reports turn into custom reports which propagate with amazing speed. Dashboards turn stale as you wait for back-end changes to be implemented. Spreadsheets clutter your folders and lose relevance as you struggle to keep track of the most current version or recall which file was applicable to which scenario.

NumberGo Dynamic Reports make these problems obsolete. With numberGo, you simply place “all the data” into a tightly-bound Worksheet from which all of numberGo’s Pivot Tables and Charts are derived. Groups of Pivot Tables and Charts are saved as Layouts, and your Worksheet may contain as many Layouts as you like. Because numberGo’s Pivot Table changes dynamically with a few clicks of the mouse, you can usually reconfigure your Layout faster than you can pick up the phone or email to ask for more report changes.

Want to add some Annotations to present your Pivot Tables and Charts to others or to keep track of the insights you’ve found? NumberGo’s Layouts can be saved with comments that allow you to tell your story using the Pivot Table, the Charts, additional text and pasted images all within a single page.

Many Worksheets can be stored within the same numberGo document and are organized efficiently using a three-tier tree structure. You can literally replace thousands of reports, spreadsheets, and dashboards with a few Worksheets contained in a single, concise numberGo document. Worksheets are kept up-to-date by simply clicking a Refresh button which replays your original data imports. All of your Pivot Tables and Charts immediately reflect the refreshed data.

Contact us today to see how you can create concise numberGo documents that you can share with anybody and find that many of your existing reports can be eliminated by using numberGo Publisher.