Data Consultants

numberGo is a unique data aggregation and analysis platform that makes it possible for anyone to collect, organize, analyze and publish data collections without the need for complex and expensive enterprise business intelligence and data distribution platforms or awkward and time-consuming spreadsheet tools.

numberGo combines the best tools from both of these approaches in a simple-to-use product that accelerates your ability to find and share compelling patterns in your data. numberGo is the perfect tool for organizations that need rapid turnaround for high-value data analysis.

Data Consultants use numberGo as a business intelligence tool, mining their data through our powerful Pivot Table and Charting functions, and then publish this data for Web access by their clients.

Get to WOW faster

  • Slice, dice, roll-up and drill down
    How do volumes compare across months, weeks, or quarters? What refined products sell at discounts in November? When you have the detailed data, the answers to these questions typically involve numerous gyrations of spreadsheet formulae or database queries. Using the Pivot Table in numberGo delivers these answers and many more with a few clicks of the mouse. numberGo’s Pivot Table offers an intuitive and hassle-free experience for novice users. There is no setup required. Just import your data using the powerful Import Wizard and instantly find answers to your questions (and those not yet asked).
  • Click, chart, done
    Once your data is pivoted the way you want, you can create a complete set of Charts for a priceless visual representation of your data.

    Build an alternate Pivot Table with a different set of Charts and save it as an additional Layout of your data. Add as many Layouts as you need.

Distribute your data like the big data publishers do

  • Tailor-made data...
    You may have hundreds or thousands of different elements of data in your product that your customers could use, but only a few of those can really tell the story of how your product is effective for a given sales prospect or customer. How can you do this as quickly as possible to engage them as you try to close a sale or increase account penetration?

    numberGo helps consulting and professional services firms to sell more data and data consulting services more rapidly. Instead of seeing just a “big pipe” of data, your customers will see how key data delivers solutions.

  • ...delivered online
    And instead of emailing a mishmash of PDFs, Power Point presentations and spreadsheets, you can bundle it into one tight package and send your customer a link to a branded webpage that shows it all. Just like the big guys do.