Data Publishers

numberGo is a unique data aggregation and analysis platform that makes it possible for anyone to collect, organize, analyze and publish data collections without the need for complex and expensive enterprise business intelligence and data distribution platforms or awkward and time-consuming spreadsheet tools.

numberGo combines the best tools from both of these approaches in a simple-to-use product that accelerates your ability to find and share compelling patterns in your data. numberGo is the perfect tool for organizations that need rapid turnaround for high-value data analysis.

Media companies with subscription data services use numberGo to create value-added data sets and then publish this data for Web access by their clients.


New ideas, immediate delivery

One of your clients calls with an idea.  He thinks he has found a correlation between two of your existing data sets.  Can you tie them together and show him the results?

No problem.  Open numberGo and import the data sets.  Join them inside numberGo.  Build a Pivot Table and Charts with a few clicks of the mouse.

A few more clicks and you’ve published the data to the Web.  Subscribe your favorite client and tell him to log in to your branded website, where he can see your new dataset.

If he likes it, great, you’re now his favorite publisher.  And if all your clients like it, you’ve just built a new product and revenue stream.

Let your data tell a story

Your customers want data that brings solutions – not problems. numberGo can help your data to tell your solution story more effectively and more quickly, resulting in more revenue from data and media sales, professional services, service subscriptions and advertising. Anyone can use numberGo to analyze complex data sets rapidly and present the results in a published format that’s easy to use and understand.

Best of all, numberGo Web enables your customers and staff to get private interactive access to published views of your data easily in portable files or on any Web-enabled platform and to build and export their own custom views for offline viewing. No messing with spreadsheets or downloads – it’s point, click and view for rich and adjustable charts, pivot tables and filtering that help people to quickly see the story that your data tells.